Why hello, and thanks for dropping by!  My name is Lee Kelly, and I’m a fiction writer, a lawyer by trade and a mom to two wonderful but very busy kids.   My speculative thriller debut, CITY OF SAVAGES, released in February 3, 2015 from Simon & Schuster.  My follow-up crime fantasy, A CRIMINAL MAGIC, released last year.

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, went to Georgetown University and, with the exception of a couple years spent in glorious Santa Monica on the west coast, I’ve been buzzing around New York ever since. 

What I’m currently working on?  Well, I’m at the final stages of entering into the kid lit foray with a middle grade book near and dear to my heart called MYTHIC.  I’m also working on a young adult mystery that I’m wildly excited about.

In any event, always looking for good NYC-driven fiction (or any good fiction!), so please drop me a line or a tweet if you have any recommendations!  And for Moms-to-be, check out my Baby Book reviews tab!  I WISH someone had done this prior to me spending hours and hours reading some of the deadbeats :). .

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