It’s time for this summer’s YA Dash!!!

Welcome to my website, and thanks for visiting!  I’m Lee Kelly, author of:

CITY OF SAVAGES, a post-apocalyptic thriller that takes place in a Manhattan re-imagined as a prisoner-of-war camp, and

A CRIMINAL MAGIC, an alternative Prohibition-era thriller, where magic instead of alcohol has been prohibited.  Here’s a little visual teaser of A CRIMINAL MAGIC 🙂

ACM board

This year, participants in the DASH need to visit all fourteen authors and tally the answers to the featured question. Simply put, you need to count how many authors chose A, B, C, D, E or F as their answer to the featured question. The most popular answer will ‘unlock’ the rafflecopter and enter participants into the prize pack draw. Please note, only those participants indicating the correct answer will be eligible for the prize draw. Participants can find the rafflecopter for the YA DASH prize pack draw at https://theyadash.wordpress.com/ (and check out more about the Dash at http://theyadash.tumblr.com).

So what’s my favorite way to kill a character?

  1. Gun
  2. Poison
  3. Buried Alive
  4. Drowned
  5. Strangled
  6. Fire

The answer is A — Gun.  Yikes, I think in my two books combined, I’ve killed a total of a dozen characters by gunshot.

Check out Gretchen McNeil’s answer on her blog, http://www.gretchenmcneil.com/blog/, and best of luck!!



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